With Rexener PR200 – pool season is all year round

Ann and her family purchased the Rexener PR200 heater for their swimming pool. The Rexener PR200 is now heating their swimming pool, whose volume is almost 50 m3, for the fourth summer.

We start the pool season immediately when the spring sun starts shining and continue swimming until the first snow falls. Our children swim almost every day, and we keep the water temperature at 29 °C. The neighbours’ children are also frequent visitors.

Usually, people drain some of the water from their swimming pool for the winter and let the rest of the water freeze. In Ann’s family’s pool, the water keeps circulating throughout the winter, and the Rexener PR200 keeps the water temperature at 5 °C so that it cannot freeze. 

Last winter, I think it took about 100 litres of fuel to keep the pool unfrozen until the spring. In the spring, we can start using the pool immediately when we want to as it’s not frozen. When we start raising the temperature, it takes 1.5 days until the water is warm enough for swimming. The pool will then be kept warm until the next winter.

The Rexener PR200 was the only sensible option found for heating the pool outside mid-summer.

The pool manufacturer said that an air source heat pump could keep the pool heated at a mean daily temperature of over 15 °C. Otherwise, the power would not be sufficient. With the Rexener, we once tried heating the pool in winter when the temperature was –29 °C. It took a lot of fuel, but it was pretty fun to swim in the 30 °C water, watching the fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

Last autumn, from August to October, we used about 7–9 litres of fuel per day. This was enough to constantly keep the water temperature at almost 30 °C. Our pool is well insulated. There are 50 mm urethane plates all around and a lamella cover on top of the pool.

A 1,000 litre tank has been installed under the terrace, next to the Rexener PR200 heater, supplying fuel for a long time.

One of the benefits of a large tank is that the fuel is brought directly to the tank by a tanker lorry and you don’t need to use smaller receptacles to get it.

The Rexener PR200 has been easy to use and has significantly increased the use of the swimming pool.

Well, if the water in the pool wasn’t warm, you wouldn’t really like to dip your toes into it. Nothing beats warm water in a pool.

We don’t need to think about the heater much. It’s hidden there under the terrace boards. Everything has worked very well.

Rexener PR200 for hot tub at the summer cottage

Customer purchased the Rexener PR200 heater for his hot tub at the summer cottage.

Rexener PR200 allows using the hot tub all year round, because it works well even in cold weather. The customer lets the hot tub cool down during the week and he increase the temperature for the weekend when the hot tub is used. This makes its use really cost-effective. The heater quickly heats up the water to the desired temperature, and there is no need to worry about getting firewood. 

“The hot tub is used all year round. During the week, I keep the water temperature at 12–15 degrees and increase to 38 degrees for the weekend.” 

Rexener PR200 works with biodiesel, diesel and fuel oil. The user can choose which fuel to use. Partanen has chosen fuel oil. When the burner is on, Rexener consumes two litres per hour. Thanks to the thermostat control, however, the actual consumption is much lower than this. 

“The heating fuel is fuel oil. A 20-litre tub lasts for more than two weeks in our use.” 

Consumption also depends on how warm the hot tub is kept, i.e. how quickly it needs to be heated up when necessary. In addition, outdoor temperature naturally influences consumption. During warm summer days, consumption is lower, while consumption slightly increases in freezing conditions. When using Rexener, you can influence the heating costs yourself by keeping the water cooler when the hot tub is not in use. 

“Ease of use is the most attractive feature of Rexener, not having to deal with heating.” 

The Rexener PR200 heater is very easy to use by anyone. When heating a hot tub with firewood, the water temperature often gets too hot or remains too cold to allow enjoying the hot tub properly. A precise thermostat keeps water at the optimum temperature and increases comfort significantly. In this way, the hot tub is also used more frequently. 

“A good friend of mine has had the same heater for three years, and I took a liking to it at his place and purchased the same model for myself. And I definitely recommend the heater, and I already have.” 

Unnukka hot tub, the perfect choice

We decided to order the Rexener Unnukka hot tub package, partly because it was stated on Rex Nordic’s website that there is no visible smoke from the water heater. This was very important for us as we live in a densely populated city. 

After thinking about it for a long time, we decided to renew the terrace, and we decided to purchase the hot tub. We also wanted to have the hot tub immersed on the terrace with a pergola over both as protection, but also to create a pleasant atmosphere.

We had looked at several different options for hot tubs, but the Rexener PR200 suited us best. Right now we use diesel in the heater, but we will eventually see if we switch to biodiesel or duty-free diesel. The heater has used 35 liters of diesel since July, and that is not much. The heater also needs some power to work.

Since the terrace was renewed, we have spent more time out there swimming, and the tub is in use about 5 times a week.

The water temperature in the tub is 40 degrees when we use it, and the temperature drops to 25 degrees when not in use. The heating time of the water to reach the perfect temperature is about 30 minutes, which makes bathing even more attractive. Everyone in our family is very happy with the Unnukka hot tub, and we will also use it through the winter.

Maintenance of the hot tub is easy. For example, we have built a pergola over the hot tub and put on the plastic lid when not in use. We use water hygiene products, and we use the same water for several weeks.

There are several positive factors with the PR200, such as that there is no visible smoke, low fuel consumption and that the heating time is very short. Because fuel consumption is low, electricity is cheap and water does not need to be changed too often, costs are kept low.

We had no special expectations – the most important factor for us was that the heater did not emit smoke that would disturb the neighbors. 

We are very happy with our purchase and recommend Unnukka with PR200 to everyone because it is so easy to use, it takes a short time to get the desired temperature, has no visible smoke and last but not least the costs are low. Unnukka with the PR200 was the perfect choice for us! 

How to prepare the base for the hot tub

This blog post contains information about what to consider and do before a new hot tub arrives to your yard. 

The base of the hot tub can be made of gravel or crushing, for example. A hard-packed surface is the best basis for the hot tub. Frost insulation can be installed on the bottom. This means that the ground does not shift, and the hot tub stands firmly. The base should hold about 2,500 kg. 

It can be good to place concrete stones under the hot tub and frame. This means that the frame of the hot tub and box comes up a bit from the ground and the air circulates even under the frame. 

When choosing a location, consider how the hot tub is emptied of water. If necessary, the water can be piped sideways with a hose. The water outlet valve is located on the same side of the hot tub as the heater, and is suitable for a 25mm hose (Silence, Polar, Aurora) and a 38mm hose (Unnukka).

The Rexener Silence wood stove and the protective case containing technical parts (Rexener Aurora/Polar) must be installed on an even surface, and at the same level as the hot tub kit frame’s bottom.

Our square hot tubs are easy to embed into the terrace. It is also possible to embed the round hot tub into the terrace, but it requires some craftsmanship.Protect the pool and accessories appropriately so that they do not come into direct contact with snow and ice. Also, make sure that no snow accumulates in the support frame or hot tub in the hot tub package.

Rexener PR200 – Reliable and easy to use

Our customer Stefan, who lives in Thisted, north-west in Denmark, is very pleased with his Rexener PR200 water heater.

He has only had it in use with his outdoor hot tub for a couple of weeks when we talk to him.

“It’s absolutely perfect, I could not have been more happy about the water heater.”

Stefan has been looking for such a product for a long time. Then he came across our dealer Thomas Villmarksbad in Denmark, who could recommend the water heater. The family finds it much easier to heat the water with this heater, than with a traditional wood stove. The PR200 is placed in a separate box next to the hot tub.

“It is very reliable and easy to use. Even the children manage to operate it. We heat the water to around 38-40 degrees when we use the hot tub. When it’s not in use, we turn it off and the water stays at 20-25 degrees under the lid. “

The hot tub for Stefan and the family holds 1500 liters, and it only takes a short time to heat the water to a comfortable bathing temperature.

“If I wanted something extra with the heater, it was that it could be connected to WiFi so I could turn it on with the phone”.

There is also no smoke that is a nuisance to the neighbors, and power consumption is low.

The family has used regular diesel as fuel, but biodiesel or duty-free diesel can also be used on PR 200.

“I would definitely recommend PR200 to others. It is a top product. I am also very happy with the service I have received in connection with questions about the product. PR200 will extend our bathing season, so we will use the hot tub throughout the year. ”