1 Definitions

  1. Communication Tool: a device used to communicate with the Services. These devices include personal computers, smartphones and tablet computers that meet the minimum requirements set in the User Manual.
  2. Agreement: terms of service that are defined or incorporated by reference in this document.
  • Application: a software application designed and maintained by Hephzibah Co., Ltd. to enable the use of the Services by means of a Communication tool.
  1. Consumer: a person acting for a purpose which is wholly or mainly outside their business, work or profession.
  2. Event Beyond Our Control: defined in clause 9.2.
  3. User: the person who first performs the Registration.
  • Product: a heater or other product imported by us that is mentioned in the User Manual as compatible with the Services.
  • Registration: registration by the User for the purpose of using the Services.
  1. Services: services provided following the Registration of this application.
  2. Supported Regions: countries defined at different times in the User Manual.
  3. System: the Application (including any updates made) that we use to provide the Services.
  • User Manual: user guide supplied with the Product for using the Product.
  • Importer, we, our, us: Rex Nordic Oy, registered in Finland, address Mustanlähteentie 24 A, 07230 Askola, Finland, business ID 2646942-1.
  • Website: refers to URL
  1. User: means the User who receives the Services covered by this Agreement.


2 Agreement we have entered into with the User

2.1 The User must ensure that they have carefully read the terms of the agreement, including the terms of service that are defined in the following documents incorporated by reference in this document:

  1. User Manual
  2. terms of use of the User’s personal data
  • user identification requirements that the User accepts as part of the Registration process.

2.2 Before the Registration is permitted and the Services may be used, the User must confirm that they have read and understood the terms and that they accept the Agreement. Upon Registration, this Agreement becomes binding on the User.

2.3 We may at any time amend this Agreement to reflect changes in the production of the Services and/or risks in the production of the Services by notifying the User of the changes at least thirty (30) days before making the changes. We will notify the User of the changes by publishing the amended Agreement on the Website or by sending a notification e-mail about the changes to the Agreement to the address stored in the System’s user data, or by any other appropriate means. If changes are made, the User is free to terminate the use of the Services in accordance with clause 10.2 if they do not accept the changed terms of the Agreement. However, the User may not continue to use the Services after thirty (30) days until they have accepted the changed terms of the Agreement.

2.4 This Agreement does not apply to the use of the Product, and the Importer accepts no responsibility under this Agreement for the use of the Product or for errors in the Product. Liability for the purchase and use of the Product is included in the terms of the agreement that the User has entered into with the person or entity that sold the Product.

2.5 Regardless of any service descriptions in any other documents related to the Product, the service description in the User Manual fully describes the coverage of the Services and replaces any other service descriptions.

3 Production and receipt of the Services

3.1 The Services will be delivered to the User from the date of the Registration. There will be no charge for the use of the Services except as set forth in clause 5.2.

3.2 During the term of the Agreement, we will make reasonable efforts to keep the Services available as described in the User Manual and the rest of the Agreement, and we will always provide reasonable expertise and maintenance in connection with the Services. Despite this, delays may occur due to an Event Beyond Our Control. Clause 9 describes our obligations in Events Beyond Our Control.

3.3 We may also have to suspend the provision of the Services if we suffer technical or security problems in connection with the production of the Services. In this case, we will make reasonable efforts to restore the Services as soon as reasonably possible. In the event of such an incident, we will notify the User in advance on the Website and/or by e-mail, unless the problem is urgent or an emergency (in which case we will notify the User as soon as reasonably possible). Provided that we have complied with the above notification procedure, we are not responsible for the Services not being in use during such suspension.

3.4 The Services are produced as a secondary means of monitoring and control. The User is aware that the Services are provided on an “as is” basis and their continued availability or the operation of all commands given through the Service is not guaranteed. In particular, the Service is not suitable for any critical heating or cooling application. The User must therefore ensure that someone physically checks that the settings of the Product are in accordance with their wishes if information about the Product is not available or inaccurate or if remote access commands do not work.

3.5 With the exception of situations expressly stated by us as being part of the chargeable functions, we do not guarantee the continued availability of history data related to Product settings through the Services and may modify or delete such data at any time.

3.6 The User is aware that the receipt of the Services is dependent on the correct operation of the equipment and services maintained by the User or a third party, such as the Communication Tool, the data network or Internet services. These devices and services are not under our control, and we are not responsible for them. The Service may not be available if these components are not operating correctly.



3.7 The User must:

  1. use the System and the Services only through the Application
  2. use the System and the Services only with products located in the Supported Regions
  • assure that all information they have provided during the Registration and use of the Service is correct and sufficient
  1. use the System and the Services in accordance with the Agreement and all relevant laws
  2. comply with clause 7 in relation to personal data processed by the User through or in connection with the System
  3. not allow anyone else to use the System or the Services or the Communication Tool with their personal username, password or other information related to the Service account
  • not plant any virus, worm or other program in the System or otherwise cause harm to the System or Services or to any other user of the Systems or Services or their property or information
  • use firewalls and antivirus software that are up to date as far as is economically feasible and regularly install the necessary updates on request on all equipment used to receive the Services
  1. use the Services only with such Products, Communication Tools and other devices and data network connections that meet the minimum requirements specified in the User Manual, and with up to the maximum allowed number of such items, unless otherwise authorised in writing by us
  2. install updates to the Application when requested
  3. comply with the terms of use of any third party app stores (such as Apple App Store, Google Play or Windows Store) when using the services of such app store to download the Application (we are not responsible for any services provided by an app store)
  • answer to their Internet service provider or mobile phone operator for any charges arising from the use of the System and the Services and confirm that we have no responsibility for such charges.

5 Support and mutual communication methods

  1. In the event of any problems with the use of the Service, the User may contact us, inform us of the problem and cooperate with us to resolve the problems in accordance with clause 5.4, or call our customer service and complaint handling number in the Supported Region where the Product(s) is/are located, as specified on the Website.
  2. We do not provide support on any paid support number. Telephone support will only be provided in accordance with the applicable basic fee.
  • We may add differential files and make corrections, updates and other changes to the System and Services (Updates). The User gives their consent that we may update the System and Services without separate consent from the User or other measures. If the User does not wish to receive such updates, they may simply terminate this Agreement and stop using the Services.
  1. We may contact the User:
    1. via the messages we post on the website
    2. using the email address provided at the time of the Registration.
  2. Clause 11.10 describes how the User can contact us if they have any questions about their personal data or wish to exercise their rights under data protection legislation.
  3. In other matters, the User may contact us:
    1. by e-mail:
    2. by post: IoT Support – Rex Nordic Oy, Mustanlähteentie 24 A, 07230 Askola, Finland.
  • The question or request will be directed to the appropriate party.
  • Such postings or e-mails (and any notices relating to the suspension and termination of the Services) will be deemed to have entered into force at the time they were sent if the party concerned can prove that the message was successfully sent. It is therefore important that there is always a valid e-mail address in the User Information section of the System.
  1. Use of the System
  2. We grant the User a non-transferable and non-exclusive right to use the System and the information contained therein solely for the purposes of using the Services and, with the help of the Communication Tool, monitoring the Product, which is installed in a space owned or controlled by the User, for a period starting from the date of Registration and ending at the termination of the Agreement either by the User or by us.
  3. The System and the information contained therein are the exclusive property of us or our licensees, the program code is confidential, and the User has no rights whatsoever to the System and the information contained therein or to any other programs, devices or know-how that we use to provide the Services, except as expressly provided in the Agreement.
  4. Use of personal data

If the User processes personal data through/in connection with the System, the User must process such personal data in accordance with the applicable data protection laws, including by providing any notices and obtaining any consents and permissions required by the applicable data protection laws.

  1. Our liability to the User

8.1 To the extent set forth in clauses 8.2 to 8.5, our liability under this Agreement or related to this Agreement is as follows:

  1. Where a price has been paid for the Product, our liability is (i) at least EUR 800 and (ii) at most the amount paid for the Product controlled through the Services (excluding installation costs), provided that the damage has been caused by our breach of agreement.
  2. If no price has been paid for the product, the liability is limited to EUR 800.

8.2 To the extent set forth in clauses 8.3 to 8.6, we have no direct or indirect obligations to the User under or in connection with this Agreement for the loss or corruption of data in the System, the User’s Communication Tool or other equipment or storage media, lost income, turnover or business, business interruption, the loss of business opportunities, contract, goodwill or reputation or other losses.

  1. Events Beyond Our Control
  2. We have no obligations and are not responsible for any malfunction or slowdown relating to any of the obligations of this Agreement arising from an Event Beyond Our Control.
  3. An Event Beyond Our Control means any action or event beyond our reasonable control. The unavailability of an app store through which updated copies of the Application can be downloaded is also an Event Beyond Our Control.
  • If an Event Beyond Our Control adversely affects the fulfilment of our obligations under this Agreement, we will notify the User as soon as reasonably possible and our obligations will be suspended and the time for their performance will be extended for the duration of the Event Beyond Our Control. We will restart the Services as soon as reasonably possible after the Event Beyond Our Control ends, unless the Event Beyond Our Control continues for more than three months, in which case we may terminate the operations by giving the User a written notice 30 days before the end of the operations with no further obligations to the User.
  1. Right to terminate this Agreement and cancel the provision of the Service

10.1 This Agreement is in effect from the Registration until it is terminated by the User or by us.

10.2 The User may terminate the Agreement and cancel the Service account at any time and with immediate effect by closing their user account with us.

10.3 We may terminate this Agreement:

  1. at any time by giving 30 days’ written notice by e-mail to the address stored at the time of the Registration, or by any other appropriate means
  2. immediately if the User violates any part of the Agreement.
  3. Use of the User’s personal data

Personal data collected

11.2 When the Product is connected to the User’s router, the router sends us the MAC address and serial number of the User’s Product and the IP address of their LAN or WAN network but no other information.

11.3 During the Registration of the Service, the User gives us their contact details and information about the Product. The User’s router sends us information about the status and settings of the Product.

11.5 We use the personal data provided by the User for the following purposes (the grounds justifying such use are specified after each purpose in brackets):

  1. Provision of tracking, monitoring, support and after-sales services related to the Services (so that we can communicate with the User)
  2. Development and improvement of our services and products (in these cases, the User’s personal data will be made unidentifiable, except in cases where we resolve a problem with the User’s Product) (which is in our legitimate interests [to improve our business])
  • Provision to the User of information that may be of interest to the User regarding new products and services (only if the User has notified us that they want us to contact them in order to provide such information [to promote our business])
  1. Compliance with our legal obligations and compliance with the requirements of the judicial authorities and supervisory bodies (which may lead to the disclosure of the User’s personal data to such third parties and is made in order to fulfil our legal obligations)

How long we keep the User’s personal data

If the User terminates the Services by ending the Registration, we will cease data collection if the User disconnects the Product from the router in order to stop sending data to the system.

When the Registration of the Services is terminated, we will delete the User’s personal data as well as any presets and status data that the User has added to the Product.

In our System, we may store information that relates to the User’s Product or the Product used by the User but cannot be used to personally identify the User.

User rights, complaints and contacting us regarding data protection rights

Our privacy policy is available at

If the User has any questions about how we use personal data or wishes to exercise their rights under data protection laws, such as the right to receive information about the User’s personal data processed electronically by us and the right to rectify or erase personal data, they must contact us by filling in the General Data Protection Enquiry form at

The question or request will be directed to the appropriate party.

  1. Other important provisions

12.1 This Agreement has been made between the User and us. No other person has the right to invoke any of these provisions.

12.3 Even if we do not require the User to perform any of their obligations or exercise any right or remedy under this Agreement against the User or delay in doing so, this does not imply that we have waived any of our rights or remedies concerning the User and does not imply that the User does not have to comply with their own obligations. We only waive the application of any term by written agreement.

12.4 If any provision or term is considered unlawful, incorrect or invalid by a court order, such provision will not be included in the Agreement, but this does not affect the accuracy and validity of the other parts of the Agreement.

12.5 This Agreement may only be amended by the User or by us by a written agreement between the parties in accordance with Clause 2.3.

12.6 This Agreement, including the documents incorporated by reference in this document, includes the entire Agreement between us relating to the provision and use of the Services and the System and supersedes all prior agreements, arrangements and views between us with respect to such matters.

12.7 Each party makes it known that by participating in this Agreement, we do not rely on any statement, representation, insurance or warranty (whether made out of negligence or ignorance) that is not expressly stated in this Agreement.

Compatible Products

AH-200i, AH-300i and AH-800i