Traditional wood-fired hot tub for the terrace

In the summer Mari Kopra-Mattila and her family built a large terrace in their backyard and decided it was time to invest in a hot tub. They compared many different companies and various hot tub models before they ended up choosing the woo-fired Rexener Silence.

Rexener hot tub is in active use of the whole family

Trond, who works in Rex Nordic’s sales team, placed a Rexener hot tub in his own yard and has been very pleased with it. It’s a completely insane experience of how fast it is possible to heat such large amounts of water! Trond has the Rexener Polar hot tub placed in the garden. He has […]

With Rexener PR200 – pool season is all year round

Ann and her family purchased the Rexener PR200 heater for their swimming pool. The Rexener PR200 is now heating their swimming pool, whose volume is almost 50 m3, for the fourth summer. We start the pool season immediately when the spring sun starts shining and continue swimming until the first snow falls. Our children swim […]

Rexener PR200 for hot tub at the summer cottage

Customer purchased the Rexener PR200 heater for his hot tub at the summer cottage. Rexener PR200 allows using the hot tub all year round, because it works well even in cold weather. The customer lets the hot tub cool down during the week and he increase the temperature for the weekend when the hot tub is used. This […]

Unnukka hot tub, the perfect choice

We decided to order the Rexener Unnukka hot tub package, partly because it was stated on Rex Nordic’s website that there is no visible smoke from the water heater. This was very important for us as we live in a densely populated city.  After thinking about it for a long time, we decided to renew […]

How to prepare the base for the hot tub

This blog post contains information about what to consider and do before a new hot tub arrives to your yard.  The base of the hot tub can be made of gravel or crushing, for example. A hard-packed surface is the best basis for the hot tub. Frost insulation can be installed on the bottom. This […]

Rexener PR200 – Reliable and easy to use

Our customer Stefan, who lives in Thisted, north-west in Denmark, is very pleased with his Rexener PR200 water heater. He has only had it in use with his outdoor hot tub for a couple of weeks when we talk to him. “It’s absolutely perfect, I could not have been more happy about the water heater.” […]