Plant-friendly Airrex AH-300 infrared heater for the garden outlet

K-Rauta Hankasalmi purchased an Airrex AH-300 infrared heater to keep garden flowers alive despite the erratic weather during the spring season.

The space is 15 x 15 metres and about 1,000 cubic metres in size, including an uninsulated area covered with panels that allow light to pass through. The infrared heater was acquired for the garden area to ensure that the flowers would stay alive in the erratic spring weather conditions. The night-time temperatures could drop below zero Celsius, which would have spelled death for the flowers without the infrared heater.

The infrared heater is very easy to use – it will work as long as you ensure that there is fuel in the tank. One of the best things about the heater is that it is not harmful to flowers or customers and emits no toxic or hazardous chemicals. The heater can be left running overnight unattended without any concerns.

This infrared heater has no fan. The infrared radiation produced by the device heats materials, thereby warming up the space. The infrared heat is distributed evenly in all directions and feels pleasant even right next to the heater.

The Airrex AH-300 heater has 12 different safety systems, which makes it an extremely safe heater. The heat radiating from the heater is moderate, and the surfaces of the device do not get dangerously hot.

The device is also extremely economical compared to electrical blow heaters. Early in the spring, right after acquisition, the heater’s consumption was slightly higher but dropped quickly in long-term use. The two heaters initially consumed a maximum of about 200 litres of fuel a week.

Airrex AH-300 is a the best heating solution for the efficient and comfortable heating of garden areas.


Shawn Robinette, Shop Manager