The Easy-To-Move Airrex AH800 brings warmth to Heritage Joinery & Furniture specialists

Heritage Joinery & Furniture specialists Hastings Bespoke Ltd were in need of a low maintenance industrial heater that has the power to heat their workshop quickly and efficiently.

“The wheels are a great addition being able to transport it with ease around the workshop.”

Jack A Hastings is a satisfied Airrex AH-800 heater owner. The heater is powerful enough to heat a large 703 m3 joinery workshop. The floor area of ​​the workshop is 190m2 and the ceiling is 3.7 meters, therefore it’s fair to say it is a large workshop. One of the advantages of having an Airrex heater at a joinery is that it does not lift dust into the air (so no breathing issues) unlike standard fan heaters. The heater does not have a fan, but the thermal technology is based on infrared radiation, which heats the materials in the room, from which the heat is transferred to the whole room.

“Benefits are how easy it is to manoeuvre around the workshop”

A great advantage of Airrex heaters is mobility. The device does not need to be installed permanently so it can be moved close to the point where heat is most needed. There are wheels under the heater to make moving the heater effortless and light. The Airrex AH-800 is 130 cm wide, 35 cm deep and 140 cm high and weighs 81 kilograms. The heating power of the device is 22 kW and it is well enough to heat up even a 2000m3 utilities.

 “An aesthetically pleasing heater for the workshop. Very easy to use.”

Hastings bought the AH-800 heater when he had first hired the smaller AH-200 heater that had impressed him. Hastings thinks the heater is aesthetically good looking and easy to use. The gorgeous gray design, glossy finish, soft-touch control panel and small details make the Airrex fit any workspace. The maximum noise level of the device is only 48dB so compared to the regular fan heaters it is effectively silent!

The ease of use of the device is surprising. Set the desired temperature to the unit and the heater takes care of the rest. All you have to do is put the plug into a wall socket and your good to go, it really is as simple as that.

When the desired temperature is reached, the Airrex automatically goes to “rest-mode” and consumes almost no electricity and drops the fuel consumption to zero. When the temperature gets down a few degrees, the burner of the heater goes automatically back on (similar to the thermostat/heating in your home, it will only kick in when required). When the heater has been used in a room so long that the material has had time to warm up, the consumption of fuel naturally also decreases, because the warm material itself keeps the room warm.

Hastings is happy to recommend the product to his friends.

Jack A Hastings
Hastings Bespoke Ltd

  • Suitable for approx 2000m³
  • 22 kW/h
  • 1.71 – 1.9 l/h (in continuous heating)
  • 70 L fuel tank
  • Weight: 81kg
  • 1300 x 350 x 1400 mm (W x D x H)