The mighty Airrex AH800 has impressed with its fast heating in Irongrays Autocentre

John McCulloch uses the Airrex AH800 to heat his workshop, which has several areas for car maintenance. Irongray Autocentre Ltd services, repairs and sells cars. The workspace also has a large mezzanine area that requires heating.

“We have a large workshop with various areas to work on cars, we also work on rally cars in this workshop with a large mezzanine area which is also heated.”

McCulloch needed a heater that heats the space quickly and is easily transferable to the workstation where heat is most needed. The infrared heater quickly heats the material in the room and the heat is transferred from the already heated objects to the room. The power of an infrared heater is based on the heating of the material and for this reason the heater is very good for spaces with equipment such as cars.

”We are heating up all workshop and any area which we need to heat up as we can move the heater easily.”

Even if the door or windows have to be opened, the heat will not escape as quickly as, for example, with a fan heater. Heat is bound to the material in the space and therefore does not escape the space quickly.

”It is great as you can move the heater around to different parts of the business when required.”

The Airrex infrared heater requires no installation other than plugging the plug into the wall. Therefore, the wheeled heater is easy to move closer to the work area. Work comfort increases and work efficiency potentially improves. After a cold night, workspaces often get cool and heat is needed quickly.

”I am really impressed with how quickly the heaters heats the workshop up in the morning!”

The Airrex AH800 has a tank capacity of 70 liters. When the heater is running, it consumes 1.7-1.9 liters per hour, but thanks to the thermostat, the actual consumption is much lower. When the unit has reached the desired temperature, the burner switches off and the fuel consumption drops to zero. When the temperature drops a few degrees the burner turns back on again. This means that the device does not heat up actively all the time and you do not have to refuel very often.

“I saw the heater at another business across the border and I decided to buy the heater from Dumfries Hire and Supplies as I heard they stocked them.”

The power of Airrex is best felt when you can see it for yourself as there are truly no other diesel heaters like it, nothing comes close for efficiencies of fuel and heat distribution. The heat is pleasant and extremely fast to warm up spaces. The Airrex does not have a fan, so it can also be used in dusty rooms, ideal for the building industry also. The heat radiates by infrared radiation, whereby heating objections as opposed to just air (saving lost heat and energy, fuel and money). This also prevents dust from rising into the breathing air.

”I would very much recommend the product, I have shown a few people and they really liked the heater, I would highly recommend them to anyone. The only thing I would say is it would be better with a timer so in the morning it would be nice and warm, but apart from that they are perfect.”


John McCulloch
Irongray Autocentre Ltd 

Airrex AH-800

  • Suitable for approx 2000m³
  • 22 kW/h
  • 1.71 – 1.9 l/h (in continuous heating)
  • 70 L fuel tank
  • Weight: 81kg
  • 1300 x 350 x 1400 mm (W x D x H)