Unnukka hot tub, the perfect choice

We decided to order the Rexener Unnukka hot tub package, partly because it was stated on Rex Nordic’s website that there is no visible smoke from the water heater. This was very important for us as we live in a densely populated city.

After thinking about it for a long time, we decided to renew the terrace, and we decided to purchase the hot tub. We also wanted to have the hot tub immersed on the terrace with a pergola over both as protection, but also to create a pleasant atmosphere.

We had looked at several different options for hot tubs, but the Rexener PR200 suited us best. Right now we use diesel in the heater, but we will eventually see if we switch to biodiesel or duty-free diesel. The heater has used 35 liters of diesel since July, and that is not much. The heater also needs some power to work.

Since the terrace was renewed, we have spent more time out there swimming, and the tub is in use about 5 times a week.

The water temperature in the tub is 40 degrees when we use it, and the temperature drops to 25 degrees when not in use. The heating time of the water to reach the perfect temperature is about 30 minutes, which makes bathing even more attractive. Everyone in our family is very happy with the Unnukka hot tub, and we will also use it through the winter.

Maintenance of the hot tub is easy. For example, we have built a pergola over the hot tub and put on the plastic lid when not in use. We use water hygiene products, and we use the same water for several weeks.

There are several positive factors with the PR200, such as that there is no visible smoke, low fuel consumption and that the heating time is very short. Because fuel consumption is low, electricity is cheap and water does not need to be changed too often, costs are kept low.

We had no special expectations – the most important factor for us was that the heater did not emit smoke that would disturb the neighbors.

We are very happy with our purchase and recommend Unnukka with PR200 to everyone because it is so easy to use, it takes a short time to get the desired temperature, has no visible smoke and last but not least the costs are low. Unnukka with the PR200 was the perfect choice for us! 

Sari Jukarainen

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