Orders are posted from our warehouse in Finland. Delivery time is usually 4-14 days from the order. 

If the product has been lost or damaged during the delivery, it must be notified without delay, but within 14 days of the day you received an order. Packages damaged in delivery must be notified immediately to the company responsible for the delivery.


How much does the shipping cost?

Shipping costs:

  • Pallet deliveries (over 35kg) is 250€ to all over Europe.
  • Parcel deliveries (under 35kg) is 29€ to all over Europe.
  • Hot tubs shipping 600€ to all over Europe.
  • Shipping costs will be added at checkout.
Which distribution company delivers orders?

All of our shipments are provided by NTG. Shipments are delivered all the way to your door. A shipping agent will call you before distribution.

How fast do you pack my order?

Orders received by 1pm on weekdays will generally be shipped the same day.  If we are unable to deliver all of the products you have ordered at one time, we will contact you to agree on any partial delivery. Orders are posted from our warehouse in Finland every Wednesday and Thursday.

How fast do I receive my order?

Basically, delivery times are 4-14 days all over Europe. Please be aware that the delivery time may be slightly longer than this.