Luin Living brings the spa feel to every home. For us, spa feeling means convenience, relaxation and enjoyment.

Luin Living’s towels are made of the highest quality, made of luxuriously soft and high-absorbing cotton. Production and manufacturing takes place in Denizli Turkey, where the selected cotton grows under ideal conditions. Through the unique way of weaving the terry, you achieve fantastic absorbency and softness on the towels.

We at Rex Nordic and Luin Living share the same passion: High quality, long-lasting and timeless products.

37,00  / pcs
37,00  / pcs
59,00  / pcs
149,00  / pcs

Fast deliveries, for warehousing products, the delivery time is usually 6-8 weekdays. Spare part warranty, we guarantee that spare parts can be found immediately in our warehouse. A reliable partner, our company belongs to the highest AAA class. We are a reliable domestic family business.