AIRREX AH-800i Infrared Heater

The Airrex AH-800i is suitable for spaces of up to 2000 m³!

Fully redesigned Airrex AH-800i infrared heater with mobile control. The Airrex AH-800i infrared heater is our most compact fuel-fired heater model. It is best suited to heating spaces like terraces, garages, recreational facilities, leisure homes, caravan tents and greenhouses.
The best features of the Airrex fuel-fired heater include its low consumption, absence of odours, thermostatic control and silent operation. The Airrex AH-800i infrared heater does not have a fan, so it does not release dust into the breathing air.

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The Airrex AH-800i infrared heater produces safe infrared radiation. The heat produced by the infrared heater spreads evenly into the structures of the space or site to be heated. A separate fan is not needed. The heating effect is quick, and the patented oil burner and exhaust piping utilise practically 100% of the energy included in the fuel.
Airrex is low in emissions
Thanks to utilising the fuel completely as heating energy, the emissions of the Airrex heater are so low that separate exhaust piping outside the heated space is practically not needed. The heaters run on biodiesel made of renewable materials, ordinary diesel or fuel oil.
Safety comes first
The Airrex infrared heater is very safe. The device has versatile safety systems. If the heater shakes, it is about to fall unexpectedly or a disturbance occurs in it, its comprehensive safety system immediately turns off the burner and disconnects fuel feeding.
Servicing and spare parts available
You can find all necessary spare parts for Airrex heaters on our shelf. If necessary, our service vehicle will arrive and service your heater anywhere in Finland. After product activation, a three-year warranty is granted for Airrex diesel heaters.
No need for an exhaust pipe in the Airrex AH-800i infrared heater
This heater does not emit burning smells or visible smoke. The AH-800i is ideal for garages, summer cottages and terraces. An exhaust pipe to the outside is only necessary when the heater is used in premises where people sleep. There is no need to connect a separate exhaust pipe to the Airrex AH-800i infrared heater when using the heater in garages, terraces, party tents, etc.
An infrared heater running on biofuel
The AH-800i heater can run on Neste MY biodiesel, which is made from food waste, and on normal diesel and fuel oil. In temperatures below 10 °C, winter-grade fuel must be used. The Airrex AH-800i heater is extremely inexpensive to use. On full power, the heater only uses about one litre of fuel per hour.
No fan – no dust
This infrared heater has no fan. The infrared radiation produced by the device heats materials instead of air, thereby also heating the air in the space. The infrared heat is distributed evenly in all directions and feels pleasant even right next to the heater. The infrared heat produced by Airrex AH-800i spreads more evenly than heat produced by a fan-equipped heater.
Quiet and easy to use
The heater is very easy to start using because fixed installation is not required. The heater is on castor wheels, which makes it easy to move where you want it. The Airrex AH-800i is extremely quiet at only 48 dB.
4G Router for i-model Airrex heaters
With this 4G Router, you can use Airrex i-model heaters remotely with the Airrex app, even if the heated room does not have a WiFi network. In addition to the 4G Router device, you need a MINI SIM card.

New generation Router with 4G connection. No need to install from a separate disk. Operator free.

4G LTE maximum network speed 150 Mbit / s
4G LTE maximum speed per network 50 Mbit / s
4G DC maximum speed 42 Mbit / s
HSPA + maximum speed 42 Mbit / s
Automatic installation
Connection for external antenna, connection 2x CRC9
Uses MINI SIM card
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP SP3 or later, Vista or later, Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 10, MAC Os or later, Android, Linux

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