REX14000 Eco Cooler


An effective cooler with GWP 0 only using water to cool, no refrigerant! It’s an environmentally friendly cooling solution – a natural way of cooling. The REX14000 is best suited for any sultry and dusty environment: Factory, Garage, Warehouse, Greenhouse, Restaurant, Shop. And for industries like Aviation, Horticulture, Animal Farming etc. An effective built-in UVC light kills possible germs and viruses. REX14000 has a low power consumption, only a fraction of air conditioning. It’s an energy saving cooling solution with high air volume – without water mist.

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REX14000 is environmentally friendly = GWP 0! It uses no chemicals, no chlorine, no ozone! It’s equipped with a powerful UVC light sterilization effect. The UVC light kills bacteria in 1-5 seconds while the water passes through the submersible UVC lamp pipe. REX14000 is also silent and easy to use. Just plug and play and enjoy the cool breeze.
When the cooler is on, the fan drags air through the moisturized cooling pads. While the air passes through the cooling pads, water vapor takes the heat away and cools the air down. After a few minutes of circulation, the temperature of the surrounding area in front of the cooler will become significantly lower than before.

For the best cooling performance, you can upgrade the cooling effect with ice. A door to the tank lets you add ice into the tank to enhance the cooling effect.

Standard equipment: Manual/Electric Shutter, Auto Water Inlet, 60 l. Water Storage Tank, Water Cooling Pad, Water Storage Scale, Hook for Water Hose and Power Cord, Wheels

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