Rexener Cooler Bench - Usermanual


Rexener Cooler Bench is intended for use with beverage cans with a capacity of 0.33 litres, which are approximately 6.5 cm in diameter and 11.5 cm in height.

• When using the Rexener Cooler Bench, care must be taken to ensure that the use of this device will not cause harm to its user or any persons nearby.

• BE AWARE OF the possible risk of being squeezed/wedged between the device covers. • Do not use beverage pack sizes other than those recommended by the manufacturer.

• Do not insert fingers or other body parts into the Rexener Cooler Bench, and always remove beverages when the device is not in use or when it is being cleaned or serviced.

• Do not use the device in the immediate vicinity of a fire or other open flame, or in the immediate vicinity of flammable liquids, gases or other flammable materials.

• Do not sit or stand on the device cooler bag when it is detached from the device, and do not try to reattach it in the device with the lid open.

• Keep hair, clothing, and gloves away from moving parts. Loose clothing, jewellery, and long hair can get caught in moving parts.


Any use of main parts or accessories other than those recommended in the original operating instructions may result in acci- dents. Keep the parts and components of the device clean and free of any objects or chemical substances which do not belong there. Clutter, foreign objects or flammable liquids, chemicals, etc. can lead to accidents

Check that:

• The cooler bag is firmly in place

• The device does not pose a danger to people nearby.

• Check bearings and moving parts regularly, and replace damaged parts. Also, check the condition of the cooler bag and its lid, and replace it, if necessary.

If the Rexener Cooler Bench has any of the abovementioned faults, they must be rectified or the defective part repaired/ replaced. The use of a defective device is prohibited, and the manufacturer is not liable for any damage caused by the use of a faulty device.

No packaging sizes, materials, objects or the like other than those mentioned in this manual, can be used in the Rexener Cooler Bench.


Lift the cover. Carefully place the required number of refrigerated drink packs inside the device – in the middle of the space reserved for this purpose and close the lid.

It is advisable to arrange the cans as shown in the figure, changing direction and preferably closer to the centre and away from the walls.


The manufacturer of the Rexener Cooler Bench shall not be liable for any breakage caused by beverage cans or cans packaging of a size different from that specified, or for any subsequent defects or damages. It is always the responsibility of the device user to check and ensure that the package is of the correct size!

1. Before filling the Rexener Cooler Bench, check and make sure that the cooler bag is securely attached.

2. Add the required number of beverage packages – up to 12 pcs.

3. You can adjust the number of beverage packs by placing from 1 to 12 packages inside the device, but the refrigerator com- partment is dimensioned by the manufacturer to provide the most effective use of the refrigeration capacity when the device is filled with 12 packs.


Wipe the outside surfaces of the cooler bag whenever necessary or weekly, for example. You can rinse the cooler bag while it is still inside the device or, if necessary, you can remove the bag for washing. After removing the cooler bag from the device, it will be easy for you to thoroughly check it for wear and tear, as well as for its current state. If the cooler bag has cracks or other visible damages, we recommend replacing it. Do not leave beverage packs in the device.


We provide a 2-year warranty for the Rexener cold drink vending machine manufactured by our company. This warranty covers defects due to faulty manufacturing as well as material defects.

However the warranty does not include:
• Machine components that are classified as consumable, such as wooden parts, wearing parts, and the cooler bag.
Other warranty conditions:
• The warranty period starts from the date of purchase.
• A warranty claim must be submitted to the seller as soon as the defect has occurred.
• The warranty does not apply if the device or part of it was repaired before the seller, manufacturer or importer was notified. • Repairs may only be carried out by the manufacturer or his authorised repairer.
• The new part will be delivered free of charge under normal transport conditions.
• The cost of special deliveries such as e.g. express parcels is the responsibility of the recipient


Follow the applicable recycling regulations when disposing of any components associated with this device, i.e.


The Rexener Cooler Bench complies with the applicable safety regulations. It should be repaired only by experts. Use original spare parts. Using non-original parts may damage the device.

Rex Nordic reserves all rights to changes.