Rexener PR200 for hot tub at the summer cottage

Customer purchased the Rexener PR200 heater for his hot tub at the summer cottage.

Rexener PR200 allows using the hot tub all year round, because it works well even in cold weather. The customer lets the hot tub cool down during the week and he increase the temperature for the weekend when the hot tub is used. This makes its use really cost-effective. The heater quickly heats up the water to the desired temperature, and there is no need to worry about getting firewood. 

“The hot tub is used all year round. During the week, I keep the water temperature at 12–15 degrees and increase to 38 degrees for the weekend.” 

Rexener PR200 works with biodiesel, diesel and fuel oil. The user can choose which fuel to use. Partanen has chosen fuel oil. When the burner is on, Rexener consumes two litres per hour. Thanks to the thermostat control, however, the actual consumption is much lower than this. 

“The heating fuel is fuel oil. A 20-litre tub lasts for more than two weeks in our use.” 

Consumption also depends on how warm the hot tub is kept, i.e. how quickly it needs to be heated up when necessary. In addition, outdoor temperature naturally influences consumption. During warm summer days, consumption is lower, while consumption slightly increases in freezing conditions. When using Rexener, you can influence the heating costs yourself by keeping the water cooler when the hot tub is not in use. 

“Ease of use is the most attractive feature of Rexener, not having to deal with heating.” 

The Rexener PR200 heater is very easy to use by anyone. When heating a hot tub with firewood, the water temperature often gets too hot or remains too cold to allow enjoying the hot tub properly. A precise thermostat keeps water at the optimum temperature and increases comfort significantly. In this way, the hot tub is also used more frequently. 

“A good friend of mine has had the same heater for three years, and I took a liking to it at his place and purchased the same model for myself. And I definitely recommend the heater, and I already have.” 

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