Traditional wood-fired hot tub for the terrace

In the summer Mari Kopra-Mattila and her family built a large terrace in their backyard and decided it was time to invest in a hot tub.

 “We compared many different companies and various hot tub models before we ended up choosing Rexener Silence”, said Mari. 

 “We can get our own wood for the heating so it is very convenient for us. We also think that heating the hot tub is a part of the experience, which is why we chose this particular model”.

A traditional hot tub handcrafted in Finland.

The traditional Rexener Silence hot tub with wood stove has been installed on the side of the terrace facing their luscious green lawn.

Wood stove reduces the operational costs of using a hot tub

The Rexener Silence hot tubs come with an effective, modern and high capacity TK-35 wood stove with a 55-cm chamber. Its modern design minimises heat loss and it can heat a full hot tub at a rate of up to 15 degrees per hour.

During the summer months the heating doesn’t take many hours. It was just yesterday when we last heated up the water in the hot tub and it took about 4 hours. We add more wood to the stove in approximately every 20 minutes.”

“The hot tub is in use all year round. We wanted an option where we could use the hot tub in the winter as well and we have been very happy with our purchase. The hot tub is very pleasing for the eye as well”.


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