Biocool provides gentle, simple and effective products for clean water and healthy skin. Biocool comes from northern Sweden, where simplicity and purity are guiding principles. Our goal is to develop high-quality products that are kind to people and the environment.

The products are simple in their design and use, with proven effectiveness. At Biocool we are passionate about making a contribution to society’s efforts to reduce the use of chlorine and antibiotics. All of Biocool’s pool products are free from chlorine compounds that release active chlorine, and consequently the products do not generate any chloramines, which are harmful to people’s health.

Pool water hygiene

BIOCOOL disinfect my pool 1l

39,95  / pcs
24,95  / pcs
19,95  / pcs

Other hot tub accessories

Tablet dispenser

10,00  / pcs