Rexener Wood Heater

Designed in Finland, the unique Rexener Wood Heater is an efficient and modern hot tub heater. A 55-cm long fire chamber.

Included in the REXENER Silence hot tub.

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An energy efficient stove heats up quickly! Rexener Wood Heater is a powerful modern wood stove, handmade in Finland. Fits most hot tubs, as long as the holes in the pipes are at approximately the same points. Can even be connected to an outdoor pool.

The high-capacity stove has a 55 cm long combustion chamber. Thanks to the modern design, heat loss is minimized, and the hot tub warms up to 15 degrees per hour at its best, when the amount of water is full, ie about 1,500 liters.

Included in the REXENER Silence hot tub.

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