REXENER Cooler Bench

This magical bench makes wonders to your everyday life, abracadabra and a standard sized drink pops out of the seat right in your hand. With this bench you are guaranteed to surprise your friends every time, now you can enjoy a cold drink even on a hot summer day.


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The bench has a patented technology that magically lifts 0.33 cans in your hand. The bench does not need electricity or batteries, the cold drinks placed there remain cool even in hot weather or even in the sauna for a long time. Inside the bench there is an incredibly high-quality cold space that holds 12 pcs of 0.33l cans at a time.

The bench is a Finnish innovation and is also manufactured in Finland. The colour is the elegant Rexener Gray, which also fits perfectly next to the Rexener hot tub.

A gift to someone who already has it all!


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