Rexener Bio Water Heater


The fastest and most energy efficient way of heating your Spa, pool or hot tub. Very easy to use. Save even more on heating costs, by using our energy saving kit.

Example: Use the energy saving kit to time the water circulation pump and Bio Water Heater to run 6 times per day, for 1 hour at a time and save 2/3rds of already low energy costs.

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No more worrying about the next electricity bill or restrictions. The Rexener Bio Water Heater heats your Spa, Pool or Hot Tub with low energy consumption, run by diesel or biodiesel. It is extremely powerful, easy to install and monitor. Whether you want to change your electric heater or wood stove heater on your Spa, Pool or Hot Tub, Rexener Bio Water Heater’s got you covered – with low operating cost on heating! For extra savings on heating costs, the Bio Water Heater comes with an energy saving kit (produced from November 2022) that you can use to time the heating periods.

  • Works with biodiesel or diesel
  • Low consumption. Maintaining stable temperature is easy and inexpensive.
  • Precise thermostat control 0-40ºC
  • Replaces an existing wood stove on a wood-heated Hot Tub or an electric heater on a Spa or Pool
  • Fast water heating
  • No smoke
  • Extends the swimming pool season
  • Power consumption only 80W
  • Ideal for even large swimming pools

Energy saving kit included in all Silver and Gold packages produced from November 2022. Available as a spare part for older models.

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