High-quality fibreglass hot tub for 6–8 people, handmade in Finland. Energy-efficient TK-35 wood stove to heat the water. Ergonomically designed fibreglass pool that is easy to clean, hygienic, and durable. 

Fibreglass colour: Gabro Black (dark grey).

Package containsSquare fibreglass pool, dark grey, wild spruce frame, wood stove TK-35 + chimney with barrel hat.

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4 990,00  / pcs

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Rexener Silence



Rexener fiberglass hot tubs are worked on with years of experience – as a Finnish handicraft. Its workmanship exhibits uncompromising quality and unmatched comfort. The Rexener Silence hot tub is true to its name and is suitable for anyone that enjoys a peaceful and relaxing bath.

Ergonomic and versatile square pool

Highly sought-after square pool offers lots of possibilities. Its shape makes it easier to install in a terrace compared to a traditional, round pool. A square pool is also ergonomic and comfortable. Spend a calm one-on-one evening in the Rexener Silence hot tub, or fit eight people in for a group bath. Sturdy steps provide a safe entry and exit from the pool, and can also be a convenient higher seating spot.

Rexener Silence

Rexener Silence

Low operating costs of the Rexener Silence hot tub

The Rexener Silence hot tub benefits from low operating costs. Its economical pool has a relatively low water volume of ca. 1,300–1,500 litres. The only running cost of heating the Rexener Silence, in addition to water, is the wood used to heat the pool. The water can also be taken directly from the lake.

Fibreglass – the hygienic choice

Fibreglass is durable, robust and easy to clean. Regular washing and drying can help maintain your hot tub’s hygiene. Fibreglass is an excellent material for Northern weather conditions. It is a long-lived, durable material. Our fibreglass pools are made in Finland.

Wood stove for atmosphere and silent operation

Rexener Silence hot tubs come with an effective, modern and high capacity TK-35 wood stove. The stove has a 55-cm chamber. Its modern design minimises heat loss. It can heat a full hot tub at a rate of up to 15 degrees per hour.

Arctic luxury – inspired by Northern nature

Rexener hot tubs take their colours from the building materials of the Northern idyllic landspace – white snow and Northern black granite, Gabro. Rexener hot tubs have an outer shell that is made of moss grey Northern wild spruce. It is treated with tinted wood oil which contains little bit wax. Wood oil reduces cracking, protects against moisture and grime.

Enjoy a calm bath – Rexener Silence hot tubs are also suitable for children

The pool’s corners have comfortable, slanted backrests, and there’s plenty of foot space in the middle. It is also fairly deep in the midsection, which makes the pool feel very large. The Rexener Silence hot tub has a step that makes it easy to climb in and out of the pool, and can also be a children’s seat when necessary.

Easy-to-use drain mechanism – exclusively in Rexener Silence hot tubs

Our products are in active development and as a result, how easy it is to drain the pool is something we have taken into account. All the water can be drained from the bottom of the pool, without having to drain it by hand. The fireplace side of the pool has a drainage valve from which the water drains. You can also attach a 25 mm hose to better direct the water flow.

Easy upkeep – fewer parts to maintain

It’s important to us that our hot tubs last. We have therefore minimised the number of accessories and unnecessary parts, making our hot tubs easy to maintain. If you wish, you can maintain your hot tub on your own. We also provide a maintenance service, if you wish us to maintain your hot tub for you.

The Rexener Silence hot tub is also suitable for a holiday cottage that has no electricity

Rexener Silence employs a gravity circulation system and a wood stove. So it doesn’t require any electricity – just chopped wood for heating the pool. Enjoy your bath in a calm and peaceful hot tub – in Silence. Just the sound of the fire, water and nature around you.

Rexener Silence hot tub, with fast home delivery

Based on user feedback, we designed three, popular models that we always keep in stock. So we can always deliver our products quickly, and you can hop in the hot tub without delay. We always deliver our hot tubs to your doorstep, and will always call you to tell you we’re coming.

High-quality fibreglass pool with a 5-year warranty

Our hot tub kits come with a 3-year warranty, and our fibreglass pools are guaranteed for up to 5 years.

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Package contains

Package contains

  • Square fibreglass pool, dark grey
  • Wild spruce frame, treated to a lichen grey with wood oil.
  • Wood stove TK-35 + chimney with barrel hat (2 x 1,000 mm)
  • Pre-installed tubes and bushings (hoses, bushings, tighteners, etc.)Please note! This model is not equipped with lights or a jet system.
Dimension drawing

Dimension drawing



Rexener pool products have a three-year warranty. The warranty period for glass fibre pool elements is five years.

Warranty – Additional warranty*

Glass fibre pool element 5-year warranty.

Stove (TK-35) – 3-year warranty

Support frame, wooden – 3-year warranty

* the additional warranty is granted to customers who have registered for the warranty.

For the registration of the warranty and detailed instructions, please go to



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Technical information

Volume 1300-1500 litres

Persons: max. 8

Dry weight: ca. 200kg

Outer dimensions: 190 x 190 x 110 cm (width x depth x height)

Inner dimensions: 223 cm

Leg space diameter 77 cm

Heating type: Rexener wood stove

Stove fireplace: 55 cm

Stove dimensions: 40 x 60 x 60 cm (width x depth x height)

Water drainage: There is a drainage plug at the bottom to make draining the pool easy. At the bottom of the wooden frame, next to the heater, you will find a 1” drainage tap that can be connected to a 30-mm hose.


Rexener Silence

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